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Displaying individual spectrum files in IRAF

Please see the Reading individual spectrum files for details on the spSpec FITS file structure. In brief, though: if you want to use splot in IRAF to plot a spectrum, you want to give it a file name like:

where X=1 for reduced spectra
      X=2 for spectra with 4th order fit to continuum removed
      X=3 for the error array
      X=4 for the mask array

Alternatively, you can also just give splot a filename with the [0] extension at the end, then respond with the X from the above list when it asks: Image line/aperture to plot.

on> splot
List of images to plot (bob): spSpec-51821-0384-636.fit[0]
Image line/aperture to plot (0:) (0): 1

Last modified: Mon Mar 8 17:29:42 CST 2004