Astrophysical Research Consortium
Board of Governors

(Revised 03/09/04)
University of WashingtonRon Irving (ARC Secretary)
University of ChicagoRobert Fefferman
Princeton UniversityJeremiah Ostriker
New Mexico State UniversityKenneth Paap
University of Colorado at BoulderFred Pampel
Institute for Advanced StudyAllen Rowe
Johns Hopkins UniversityTheodore Poehler
University of WashingtonBruce Balick
University of ChicagoAngela Olinto
Princeton University ObservatoryScott Tremaine
Princeton University ObservatoryEdwin Turner (ARC BoG Chair)
New Mexico State UniversityRene Walterbos
University of Colorado at BoulderMichael Shull
Institute for Advanced StudyJohn Bahcall
Johns Hopkins UniversityTimothy Heckman
University of WashingtonCarol Zuiches (ARC Treasurer)
University of WashingtonMichael Evans (ARC Business Manager)

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